Fabric 丨 Getting Started and Buying Guide

Fabric 丨 Getting Started and Buying Guide

As a person who has a strong interest in hand-made fabrics but has no foundation, how to get started, how to choose sewing machine tools, and improve skills are very important.
In order to systematically learn, as an experience, Xiaobian has organized the fabric from entry to the proficiency, and is willing to share these with friends who also like fabrics!
|Material knowledge|
Fabric is the material used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly influence the color and shape of clothing.
Cloth actually has multiple meanings, which are called textile fibers according to the material of the fabric.
Although textile fibers have a wide variety, they can be basically divided into two categories: natural fibers and chemical fibers.


|Getting Started with Fabric Tools |
The basic tools for getting started are indispensable. The tools can be used at home, and as the saying goes, the workers must first sharpen their tools, so it is necessary to prepare some special tools.


| Fabric Advanced |
Patchwork, to put it simply, is to splicing several different pieces of cloth into one piece. The method of patchwork is divided into three types: straight spelling, diagonal spelling, and pairing. The first step in making patchwork is to choose cloth. The good start is half the success. This sentence makes more sense in the patchwork, because the first step is to choose the color scheme. If this step is not done well, The final product is likely to be unsatisfactory.

| Daren teaches you how to choose the sewing machine that suits you |
Don’t want to hit the shirt?
Want to give your baby the most special gift?
Want the most chic fabric home?
All you need is: electric desktop multi-function household sewing machine.
Say goodbye to old-fashioned sewing machines and hand-stitched eras.
Brother is a globally popular sewing machine brand founded in 1908 and has a history of more than 100 years. A brand that is widely respected by sewing enthusiasts, and together with the people to choose the world brand that suits them.

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