Leather art entry | leather purchase detailed Guide1

Leather art entry | leather purchase detailed Guide1

Handmade leather goods are art pieces polished by the craftsmen in the studio, and the wearer can best understand the emotions of the craftsmen in the process of wearing.
In the production of leather goods, the most important thing is the purchase of leather materials. For newcomers, what materials can be used to make it easier to get started? Getting started with good leather can help us reduce unnecessary detours, and it will not hit your confidence when you come up.
So how should we choose leather?
|Leather |
Leather leather, what is leather and what is leather? Is leather and leather the same thing? Probably many people will have the same questions as Xiaobian.

Knowing that the leather art of the gods is the answer: by definition, leather and leather are the same thing, different names before and after the tanning. The skin is untreated animal skin, and the leather is treated with tanned skin, both leather.
| leather, top layer and second layer skin |
Handmade leather goods, we use the basic leather. The concept of leather actually contains the first layer of skin, two layers of skin, synthetic skin, etc. In addition to pure artificial leather, the basic animal skin can be called leather.

The dermis that we generally contact is mostly the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin. The first layer of leather has full grain leather and shaved leather. The second layer of leather has two layers of pig leather and two layers of cow leather.

1 layer of skin

The top layer skin is also called the whole skin. It is the outermost skin of the animal. It maintains the natural elasticity and toughness of the leather. The top layer is divided into grain leather, shaving leather and embossed leather. The biggest feature is Good fastness to life.

1 full grain leather
Among the many leather varieties, the full grain leather tops the list.
Because it is processed from the fine raw material skin with less disability, it completely retains the natural grain surface of the leather itself, the pores are clear, small, tight, irregularly arranged, the surface is full and delicate, elastic and good breathability. It is a high-grade leather.

2 half grain skin
It is processed and ground into only half of the grain during the production process, so it is called semi-grain cowhide.
The style of the natural leather is maintained, the pores are flat and elliptical, the arrangement is irregular, and the hand feel is hard. Generally, the raw material skin with poor grade is selected.
Due to the particularity of the process, the surface is free from scratches and scars and the utilization rate is high, and the finished product is not easily deformed.

3 shaving leather
It is made by using a leather machine to lightly grind the surface, then decorating it, and then pressing the corresponding pattern. In fact, it is a “cosmetic” of the natural leather surface with disability or roughness.
This kind of leather almost lost the original surface state, also known as “glossy skin”, the market is also called matte, bright dough.

4 embossed leather
It is a pattern with a pattern of flowers on the surface of the leather to form a concave, uneven pattern or leather that mimics the surface of other animal skins.
At present, there is a popular “Litchi grain cowhide” in the market, which uses a flower plate with a pebbled pattern, and the name is also called “Litchi grain cowhide”.

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