leather art entry | leather purchase detailed Guide 3

leather art entry | leather purchase detailed Guide 3

The vegetable tanned leather retains the most authentic leather surface of the original leather. There is unavoidable wrinkles, scars, marks and other growth marks on the leather. Therefore, the utilization rate of each leather is random, which will also lead to an increase in the cost of vegetable tanned leather.
But sometimes scars and wrinkles are also its fascination. When making some rough leather goods, a scar will become the finishing touch, but most of the time, the material is selected from the smooth and non-pleated parts of the cow’s back. For the best, if you do the original pigmented leather, there will be higher requirements for the quality of the leather.

1 Italian vegetable tanned leather

Italian vegetable tanned leather is one of the most cultivated tanned leathers on the domestic market. It has small stretchability, easy to soften water absorption, and easy to adjust plasticity. The primary color vegetable tanned leather is also suitable for dyeing.

2 fog wax skin

The finished vegetable tanned leather is repeatedly made by high-temperature waxing, and the surface of the leather will have a blazing wax layer. When used frequently, the beeswax rubbed through the skin and the clothes worn by the skin is wiped off and left for a while. After that, the beeswax enriched in the fiber will ooze out by itself, and the leather can be restored by wiping with a soft cloth.

3  wood leather

Produced from the vegetable tanned cow leather in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, the coffin is just the name of a place of origin, not the name or brand of a leather processing factory, as long as the leather from Tochigi is called “枥木革”. It is a high-grade vegetable tanned leather that is highly evaluated internationally.
The leather of the eucalyptus leather is dense, the wrinkles are fine and the pores are small. After using a section, the surface will have a little matte texture. Due to the special tanning process, the oil content is less and it requires frequent oil maintenance.

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