leather art entry | leather purchase detailed Guide 4

leather art entry | leather purchase detailed Guide 4

4 horse leather

Mackerel leather is a leather material for horse reins. It has high density, good waterproof and scratch resistance. Natural beeswax is added during leather tanning. During use, beeswax will slowly penetrate into the leather surface. The friction in the process keeps the leather lasting.

5 horse hip skin

Only one kidney-shaped skin with a diameter of about half a meter can be removed from a horse. The cortex in this area is the highest density, most flexible and most wearable part of the horse skin. It is characterized by fine and smooth leather, less pores, unique luster on the leather surface, and a certain waterproofness.
The leather goods made by horse hip skin have a very delicate hand feeling, long-wearing, soft and not easy to wrinkle, and will produce a unique luster at any time.

6Barenia Bahania

Barenia is a vegetable tanned leather from Herm├Ęs and is one of H’s most classic leathers.
Barenia adds grease to the tanning process for a long time, so that the leather is very tough, moderately soft and soft, and the scratches will be faded with a few taps with your fingers.

7 Tuscany

Tuscany is Italy’s largest leather producing region, with the vegetable tanned leather produced by Conceria Walpier being the most famous. Walpier’s Buttero uses leather from the shoulders to the neck, with a unique natural color.
Buttero is also the vegetable tanned leather made by the Italian Vegetable Tannery Association, which is the oldest vegetable tanned leather. The dyeing process uses harmless pure plant extract dyes, which are eco-friendly and have a unique aroma. The back is treated with a wax seal and is smooth and smooth.

Minerva BOX, the most famous product of the Italian vegetable tanned leather CONCERIA CARRO BADARASSI, uses the oldest method of fatming in Italy. For soft vegetable tanned leather, shoulder leather, full artificial wrinkle treatment, natural texture, strong texture, retro color, rich hand, oily feet, can be polished with water, it is a very durable and easy to use vegetable tanned leather.

8 Argentine vegetable tanned leather
Argentine vegetable tanned leather, Argentina is the second-grade tanning country. Overall, it is harder and the price is moderate.
It is worth mentioning that the leather from the SDS factory in Argentina is cost-effective, color-changing, feel, softness and hardness are quite good.

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